Bot Crawler

to scrap data from social media

Connect with the people most important for your business by building more meaningful relationships throughout your entire social network and tracking the potential consumer hiding in the corner.

Bot Crawler

Assign Unique Tasks for each Prospect List.

Create a competent strategy through multiple channels to help sales reps assess what works to in a unified environment.

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bot scraper

Bot Scraper

Increase your social media presence for prospecting and sales tasks with our Twitter and LinkedIn bots, to scrape relevant contacts for you and add them to your prospect list automatically.

choose followers

Choose Followers

Discover all the details of who follows your Twitter account, who follows a Twitter handle, and who follows the profiles and lists that interest you.

search intent

Search Intent

Create a prospect list based on the keyword input and perform research on the prospect for the Twitter handle of your choice, as well as any other place where your followers' accounts are mentioned.

search profiles

Search Profiles

Create an outreach list based on LinkedIn prospect names and potential companies of interest via networking groups, social media platforms, and cold calling. Follow up with each in a timely manner and track the different steps or actions taken.

What is Bot Crawler?

A Bot Crawler is a piece of software that systematically browses the internet, following links from page to page. This allows it to collect data on all the websites it visits, creating a map of the internet. Bot crawlers are used by search engines to index websites, and by web developers to check the links on their websites.

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