Email Templates

to create and send customized emails

Create personalized or professional email templates to send to prospects based on their interactions and responses.

Email Templates

Create Customized Email Templates

Personalize or create professional email templates for sending to prospects according to their interaction and responses.

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customized email

Customized Email

Customize emails to expand your business opportunities by putting your own touch on each template, based on the intention or message you want to convey.

set owners

Set Owners

Select owners for particular emails from multiple options. Choose an eligible owner with prior knowledge of the prospect's move using this feature.

html email template

HTML Email Template

Determine the purpose of sending an email and then create it using HTML code to match your brand and engage prospects effectively.

What is Email Template?

An email template is an electronic document that can be used to create a new email message or to reply to an existing email message. The template can include text, images, and other formatting elements that are common to all or most of the emails that you send. This can help you save time and ensure that your messages look consistent.

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