Intuitive Dashboard

to display all upcoming tasks in a single location

Develop a pictorial representation of the current status of the tasks in an easily-readable format that helps to monitor the progress of impending daily and weekly tasks.

Intuitive Dashboard

Create Visually Attractive Data Sheet of the Workflows

Create a competent strategy through multiple channels to help reps assess what works to in a unified environment.

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task creator

Task Creator

Create a dashboard display of all subsequent works based on dates and weekly status, enabling you to track your current and next week‘s productivity to achieve business goals.

set outlines

Set Outlines

Get a deeper understanding of your sales process and revenue team goals by tracking and analyzing what works throughout the revenue cycle.

What is Intuitive Dashboard?

Intuitive Dashboard is a business intelligence tool that provides users with a graphical interface to manage and monitor their business data. With Intuitive Dashboard, users can quickly and easily create custom reports, analyze data trends, and spot problems or opportunities. The intuitive interface makes it easy for both experienced business users and beginners to understand and use the data to make informed decisions.

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